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"The Musings Of A Tax Guy"

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Club "It's All About Golf" Book 

Book Review by Ed Rehkopf, Club Resources International

"I love big gifts in little packages, particularly east-to-read books that pack a big message.  Mitchell Stump, widely-known private club tax expert, has written a great little book that points out an obvious, though often overlooked, truth about our industry. And that is: though golf is the primary amenity and reason for being at many Clubs, it too often gets lost in the larger shuffle of club operations.

Using his lifelong experience with Clubs as a caddie, avid golfer, Club member, board menber, and tax consultant, Stump claims that many Clubs have lost their focus - in particular who their primary market is.  He goes on in a most logical and rational way to point out the central role of golfers at golf and country Clubs.  Not only do they pay the largest initiation fees and dues, but also use the largest amount of the Dlub's most profitable services.  Having clearly made this seemingly obvious point, he goes on to show through numerous quetions and observations how so many Clubs have lost sight of their primary market and source of revenue.

In the introduction to the book, Stump points out who would benefit most from his Club "It's All About Golf" Book - board members, Club general managers and golf profeesionals.  He's exactly right, though I would say the book is enlightening to everyone involved in the busienss of golf, whether in a private or public setting.  It also clearly offers a strong central message to anyone in business- know your target market and never lose your focus on attracting and serving that market!

The book is divided into sections on Ways to Grow a Club, Who is Your Club's Target Coustomer? or Member, The Case for the Full Equity Golf Member, Arriving at the golf Club, Every Person has their Role and Every Function has a Reason, and has an appendix that discusses The Multiplier Effect and another that covers Crunch the Numbers for Yourself.  Each section has solid, commonsense advice to maintain your Club's necessary focus and maximize your revenues.

My Review: Great book, powerful message, east-to-read and grasps spot on as a business discipline, and well-worth the price for the impact it could have on the performance of your operation.

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